Lads, have you noticed your head is turning 50 shades of grey? Trying to understand why you are going salt and pepper? If the answer is yes, you wouldn’t be alone. The painful truth is most men will develop grey hair at some point in life. There are a number of reasons this happens, including your unique genetic makeup, lifestyle factors, and stress. Well I may have found the perfect antidote…

Why Men Go Grey? The Science Part

Clinical research shows that by the age of 50, most men will develop grey hair. Your hair colour is determined by a pigment called melanin; a substance that hair follicles produce. Hair follicles are dynamic structures that reside in the dermal layer of your skin and made up of 20 unique cells. As you age, these follicles produce less melanin, thereby reducing colour pigmentation. The primary reason you are going grey relates to genetics. Think of this as your biological time clock; the apparatus that controls the ageing process. The engine of genetics is heredity (so go on, blame ya parents!). Caucasian men tend to go greyer sooner, followed by Asians. African American men are next. Finally, guys with red hair start losing colour before anyone else (sorry to all the red hot gingers out there). Believe it or not, you really can accelerate the ageing process and by extension, the development of grey hair, due to stress and anxiety. Some men develop grey hair because of certain lifestyle factors. These include but are not limited to:

• Smoking • A vitamin B-12 deficiency • A thyroid problem • An autoimmune disorder • Alcohol abuse and addiction

The Antidote

Let’s be honest – even though people say the “Silver Daddy” look is sexy, most of us prefer to stay with our natural hair colour for as long as possible. That’s why the amazing team down at Garrett’s Hair Boutique in Weybridge have developed a treatment just for us! Using a product called Illumina by household favourite; Wella, Garrett’s are able to colour match your natural hair colour and cover those greys once and for all. The treatment takes around twenty minutes to set and gives full coverage, meaning you’re able to turn back that biological clock! Wella Illumina Colour is Wella's biggest colour breakthrough in 20 years giving up to 100% grey coverage and a sheer colour that's luminous in every kind of light. Unlike other grey coverage; Illumina contains an ash-like base which means that when the colour eventually fades, it will simply return to your natural shade – ready for your next Garrett’s treatment! Garrett’s have some amazing promotions and fantastic discounts such as 20% off your first visit!

Garrett’s Hair Boutique, 31b Church St, Weybridge KT13 8DG. Book via www.garrettshairboutique.co.uk or 01932 858444.


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