Over the last couple of years men’s fashion has been obsessed with pattern and colour (and we’ve been living for it!). So with the modern gent becoming more and more adventurous with their styling choices and the way they dress, the high street has responded by producing collections full of vibrant hues, bold prints and statement garments that are designed to draw attention. Although SS20 collections are shaping up to follow this pattern (see what we did there?!), it seems both designers and the general public are pining for simpler times. The answer? All white everything!


Wearing a casual, white outfit needn’t be complicated. All you need to do is keep things simple and comfortable. Invest in a sturdy pair of white skinny jeans. You’ll more than likely be able to create a cool all-white outfit by adding items already in your wardrobe. For example, a white T-shirt and white sneakers are pieces most of us lads already own and can look great with white jeans or shorts. If the weather’s cold, add a white jacket to complete your look. While many styles can work, a GANT Polo Shirt or white denim jacket can do no wrong (and there are plenty to choose from on the high street). Although this is a trend that raises real practicality concerns, especially for those who don’t live in hot climates, the white-on-white trend is undeniably striking and cannot fail to get you noticed this season.


All-white tailoring can be particularly difficult to pull off, and it is important to ensure that you consider the occasion. For example, an all-white suit is much more appropriate for a smart-casual summer event – such as a garden party or beach wedding – than it is the office on a dull Monday afternoon. So, if you’re off to such an event, be sure to consider this striking alternative to traditional black. All that’s required is a white suit (or tuxedo if you’re being extra fancy), a white formal shirt and accessories. Be aware though, without any colour or pattern; the cut of your suit will take centre stage - so be sure the fit is on point. Walking the runway in a perfectly tailored, crisp white suit is always going to look more impressive than strutting through Old Compton Street with coffee stains on your jacket lapels and dirt on your trouser hems. So be practical in your approach!


Clearly, the white-on-white trend is a bold statement. But there’s no denying that it’s a perfect choice for summer and offers a refreshing change to the bright colours and patterns that have inundated menswear in recent seasons. Start off small by adding a versatile pair of white jeans or shorts to your wardrobe and matching them with a white tee, polo or button-down shirt on a hot summer’s day. Bring in accent colours via your accessories or footwear to help break up your look slightly and build from there. Finally, there’s no getting away from the practicality aspect. White is much more susceptible to stains and dirt than other hues, and the colour often loses its lustre after just a few washes. We’d probably suggest avoiding any connotation of a darkroom setting (and beware of ketchup, barbecues, and salad dressings of all kinds).


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