Whitening has come under media scrutiny of late after the BDS (British Dental Bleaching Society) is calling for a ban on over the counter non-hydrogen whitening kits after tests found they could harm enamel on the teeth. Amazon recently removed its best-selling whitening kit after it was revealed it contains a harsh chemical banned by the EU which can even cause chemical burns. So, how can we ensure we get a pearly white set of gnashers without causing any adverse side-effects? This is my ultimate guide to teeth whitening…


Ensure any whitening kit you use is professionally made, over the counter whitening trays are unlikely to fit well which means the gel will leak and not whiten the teeth. A dental professional can ensure that you have no poorly fitting fillings or cavities and the correct concentration of whitening gel is used (sensitive teeth need a weaker formula) this is why you really need a dental expert to undertake this service. Non-dental professionals are not legally allowed to whiten teeth. With a dental professional at the helm, they can check that you are the ideal candidate for this procedure and ensure there are no dental issues that could cause future complications or problems.


To get the most out of your fluoride toothpaste and keep teeth white and healthy, spit and don’t rinse with water. When you brush, instead of gargling or rinsing, just split out the excess and allow the rest to remain on your teeth. Change your toothbrush every 3-4 months; old worn bristles will not remove surface stains so effectively, thus making the teeth look dull. Avoid using chlorhexidine-based mouthwashes, unless advised by your dentist. They can actually cause stains on your teeth if used for prolonged periods. Cut out smoking – not only does it carry numerous health risks, but the build-up of tartar will dull teeth. If that isn’t an incentive to stop this unhealthy habit, we don’t know what is! Aside from causing teeth erosion due to its acidity, excessive amounts of wine and cola and coffee will also contribute to teeth staining, so it’s wise to limit these drinks.


Anyone wanting to brighten their teeth safely and effectively must consult their dentist first. By law, only dentists can check a patient’s teeth to see if they are an eligible candidate for whitening. Smilepod dentists have offered their guidance and advice when it comes to professional whitening and maintenance at home. They have six London locations, no referral is required, all dentists are GDC registered, and they offer a professional, friendly service. Whitening your teeth can give you confidence and make you look and feel good if carried out professionally it does no damage to your teeth, and in fact, can make your gums healthier because of the oxygen release during the process. Ask your dentist for a ‘High gloss diamond polish’ which makes them look naturally clean and brighter. An ultrasonic scaler is used to remove tartar with a gentle tip. The tip vibrates, flushing out bacteria and deposits from below the gum line with water. The dentist will then gently hand scale removing small pieces of build-up missed during the ultrasonic treatment, and then it’s followed by a stain busting airflow for efficient and faster stubborn stain removal. Finally, the luxurious diamond polish is applied for a sparkling white smile. A High Gloss Diamond Polish will set you back only £89 at Smilepod, so well worth the outlay!

For more information on how Smilepod can help you achieve your teeth whitening goals, call today on 020 7836 6866 or visit www.smilepod.co.uk.


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