With the relaunch of our all-new and refreshed magazine, it’s time for you to meet the newest member of the QX family! Allow us to introduce you to our one-stop shop for men’s fashion, lifestyle and grooming - the guru himself; Tony Flynn.

Tony has rapidly carved himself a career over the past couple of years amassing thousands of followers through his Instagram page and personal blog; www.mystylemanual.com which is a leading UK Men's Fashion and Lifestyle Blog covering Grooming, Fashion, Fitness and Travel.

Tony has worked alongside household names such as ASOS, Topman, BoohooMAN, Farah, Jack Black, ASUS, Volvo and Philips to name a few. Now a fully-fledged member of the QX family, he’ll be bringing you weekly tips on what to be seen in (and what to stay away from at all costs!), what fancy potions and lotions we should be smothering our pretty little faces with to look ever youthful and how to keep an all-round check on our own wellbeing to ensure we live our very best lives!

Welcome to the team Tony! Let our readers know a little bit about you and what made you decide to take this career path?

It kinda just happened! I’ve found since my teens that people have more than often admired my fashion choices, the way I style my hair or trim my beard or even the lifestyle choices I make. Being the total Insta selfie-whore that I am, I noticed that if I were to upload shots of my outfits I’d be wearing on any particular night, they’d get quite a bit of attention. So a few years ago I decided to take it a bit more seriously, upload more professional photos, link in brands and tips on how to achieve a look or style. Before I knew it things just took off. I finally established my blog in 2017 and it’s really just grown from there. So a love and hobby has set me on this path!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get inspiration from everywhere to be fair. I love people watching (does that make me sound a bit creepy?!), I love flicking through endless magazines at what’s hot and what’s not. I suppose a great place to find inspiration is actually via social media itself. Apps such as Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest open your eyes to a great big world of fashion, styles, grooming products and amazing places to visit.

What inspires you the most?

I suppose I’m always inspired to do bigger and better. It’s a constant scab you just want to itch! I think it’s important to never get too comfortable or complacent. I always strive to bring new ideas to the brands I work with and to show my followers something a little bit different to what they may be used to online.

What will you be bringing our QX readers weekly?

Oh I’ll be bringing you lot the hottest fashion trends, from what to wear, how to wear it and when to wear it! I’ll be showcasing men’s grooming products which I believe will enhance the way you look and feel on a day to day basis. I’ll even throw in a little bit of lifestyle; from the best fitness routines and dietary supplements to staying on top of your wellbeing. So there should hopefully be something for everyone – it’s going to be good fun, I’m pretty excited!

QX Magazine is a weekly gay magazine which is distributed up and down the country to every gay venue including bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants etc. and interacts with it's audience across multiple platforms including print, online, app, email newsletters and social media. Each week through my dedicated page I will be bringing readers tips on what to be seen in (and what to stay away from at all costs!), what fancy potions and lotions we should be smothering our pretty little faces with and how to keep an all-round check on our own well-being to ensure we live our very best lives! If you're based in the UK then keep an eye out for me in the magazine and let me know what you think. For those of you outside of the UK, you can still get the good stuff by going to www.qxmagazine.com.


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