With the party season fast approaching, you'll be pleased to know that I've got the lowdown on what to wear. Whether it’s a raucous night on the town, the office Christmas party or a sophisticated family soirée; these ideas should help you stand out from the crowd.

Don’t let the ladies steal the limelight. Single, or attached. Old, or young. The Christmas Party Season demands a little thought and preparation!



Showing you’ve made an effort will not only go down well with your host, it will be appreciated by other guests. Making an effort really contributes to a sense of occasion, especially during the festive season. Taking time to consider what you wear builds anticipation, there is a huge amount of enjoyment to be had looking your best.

1. The Jacket

Nail the jacket and you’re more than half way there. A well-cut jacket that fits, made from high quality materials can be dressed up or down. My personal favourites at this time of year are the plush velvet tuxedo-style jackets in deep festive colours such as burgundy, green and navy. Don't be afraid to experiment with patterns either, the bolder the better such as this stylish number from ASOS. Alternatively, for a more classic look of black and white you can opt for the jacket I have featured in this post from H&M.

2. The Shirt

Now this is where it gets more interesting. Let self-expression and the formality of the occasion be your guide to shirt choice. Whether you opt for a clean white shirt, a plain t-shirt or a suave knitted roll neck - you can't go wrong. It's all down to your own style preference.

3. The Trousers

Trousers; much like the jacket selection are key to your party season look. The key here is to select a pair of trousers that fit in all the right places and compliment the jacket and shirt. I often find that the simpler the design, the better. Personally I tend to opt for a skinny trouser in either cotton or velvet material. Obviously make sure that your trousers match the jacket you have chosen. For example, if you've selected a black velvet tuxedo then why not bring the outfit to life with a pair of skinny green tartan style trousers? You can be as experimental here as you wish. It is now acceptable to take a velvet tux jacket, for example, and put it with a white shirt and black jeans for a black-tie event. Choice is yours!

4. The Shoes

If like me you can't resist a good pair of shoes (I now have two cupboards full!) then this is where you get to shine! Regardless of what you wear, festive feet must be polished to a high sheen. There is no place for scruffy footwear. Here I am wearing patent black lace-ups from Superglamourous which really do hit the spot. There are however cheaper options at your local Zara for around £69.99 which look just as special. They're versatile enough to wear with jeans, trousers and prints - so are a very good starting point. If patent shoes aren't your thing then the best alternative would be these soft fringed tasselled slippers in silky black calf-hair. Pretty impressive eh!

5. The Accessories

And so to ties, pocket squares, cufflinks and bow-ties. It’s time to add some dapper to the proceedings. Accessories are an inexpensive way of jollying a look up, which means a classic tuxedo can be updated easily with a new bow tie. Take some risks. Pop a pocket square in your pocket. Flash a flashy cufflink. Wear a silk tie. These are small details that add a bit of festive sparkle to your outfit.

The good thing about purchasing bits and pieces for the party season is that you can mix and match items with other outfits at other points throughout the year; so you're never out of pocket!

Let me know how you get on this party season and have a hot G&T on me!


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